6 Apps to Help You Learn a Musical Instrument

It’s a good time to take up learning a new musical instrument, with so much technology available to help you. YouTube, for instance, is a great place to start, with so many tutorials that save you having to pay for numerous lessons. In addition to that, there are countless musical apps that you can download from the App Store. Here are some of the very best apps that you can download right now.


GarageBand is an Apple product designed to make recording music accessible for you via your iPod or iPhone. It does more than that, however. It essentially affords you a number of instruments on the go. While there is a lack of specific lessons, it’s perfect for a quick practice session or jam when you’re on the move. GarageBand used to be a paid-for app for anyone who didn’t own a new Mac or iOS device but it’s now available from the App Store for free.


Yousician can help you to learn to play the guitar, piano, bass, and even the ukulele. With its step-by-step videos, it will take you from the basics to advanced techniques. The app features more than 1,500 exercises and missions and offers specific music theory lessons. There are also weekly challenges to encourage you to keep up your practice.


If being able to sing pitch perfect appeals to you, this app is a must-have. With more than 30 interactive exercises, it will help your voice sound better so that you will gain the ability to sing confidently and easily. Using your iPhone as a microphone, the app analyses your voice and offers you some personal feedback. If you’re a novice, you may even discover that you have a far better voice than you thought.

Tiny Piano

Thank Guitar Hero for those wishing to learn to play the piano. Only Tiny Piano is more learning-orientated. It’s a fun way to start for the learner. You have a choice of handling the timing, and you can also choose to play either fast or slow. There are more than 400 songs so there’s no shortage of tunes to have a go at. This app will quickly improve your confidence.

Easy Music

Technically an app for young children, it’s not a bad place at all for anyone looking to improve their musical knowledge. It will help you to learn which notes are which, as well as recognise melody, pitch, and rhythm. You’ll also have fun doing it. While simple, if you’re struggling to understand the theory that goes into learning your choice of instrument, Easy music will help you immensely.

Voice Training

Not entirely unlike SingTrue, Voice Training, however, provides more detail. It will highlight the notes you should be singing, as well as the pitch you’re singing on. A number of exercises will help you to increase your vocal range through voice relaxation and there are singing games to maintain your interest. There are also interval tests designed to prepare you for music grade exams.