Best Musical Instruments for Beginners

Music is a wonderful thing, most of us will listen to music, sing a song or even hum a tune al least once a day. At least! Some of us are lucky enough to be able to play an instrument too, and what a skill that is, to be able to play your own music really is something special that often we take for granted. Many people can’t play any instrument, having perhaps only dabbled in a bit of triangle, symbols and wooden block at school and many of you will no doubt wish you could do more (not that these classics aren’t without their own merits). If you’re serious about taking a leap into the world of music you might want to start somewhere simple to help you get to grips, here are a few instruments that great for getting to grips with the basics.


The harmonica is a great instrument for accompaniment, especially if you’re playing guitar (see Bob Dylan) and as such is rarely a musician’s sole instrument. That being said there are some people who take it very seriously indeed and when you see one being played well you can see why. They come in several keys but for a good all rounder you’ll want one in the key of C. The technique itself is very simple, blow into mouthpiece which works like a scale for the notes, you can also use your hands to create a vibrato effect by covering and revealing the back. Not only is it easy to play but it’ll get you used to basic musical notes in no time.


A beginner’s favourite, the ukulele has only four string and is much smaller than a guitar. Many say that this is a good instrument to use as bridge to eventually playing the guitar. To be honest this isn’t entirely true, though they may look similar they are both tuned and played in a different manner, for example you shouldn’t really use a pick when playing a ukulele. On the other hand, thanks to it’s simple and relatively easy chords it is a great instrument to help you learn and perfect your strumming on. The ukulele is so much more than just a bridge to the guitar though, you may find as you get better you want to play nothing else and many players get extremely good at it.


You may scoff at this classroom classic but there is a reason this is one of the first musical instruments most people learn to play. The recorder is the perfect introductory instrument to wind instruments. Not only is it an extremely affordable instrument (an excellent bonus when starting out) but the notes are easy to play and it’s easy to pick up and learn by yourself. You’ll learn how to coordinate your breath, tongue and fingers in order to play which is key in any instrument of the wind branch. What’s so great is that the recorder is played by both the youngest beginners and the most seasoned pros alike, it’s an incredibly versatile instrument that you’ll likely never give up.