How to Promote Your Music in 2019

More opportunities than ever lie before today’s independent artists looking to launch their very own career without a large budget or the majors in their corner. However, while there is an increasing number of unsigned artists making it on their own, a large number of them have no idea where to begin or how to keep up a promotional campaign.

Of course, your No. 1 priority should always be the quality of your music. While you can adhere to the following advice completely, if your music is poorly written or produced, none of it will matter. Now that’s been said, let’s explore how you can best promote your music as an independent artist in the current climate.

Regularly play live

New artists are tending to focus much of their promotional activity on the World Wide Web. While that makes sense in a way, and it should certainly play a key role in your campaigns, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of performing live.

Tours and gigs provide a fantastic way of connecting with your fanbase in a way that can’t be replicated on the Internet. Seek to secure bookings at local venues and play engaging sets for local fans, and you’ll grow a new, powerful fan base. Remember that you need to ensure that you’re remembered, so put on a show.

Once you’ve developed a local fanbase, you can take your show on the road, city by city, or even internationally. If this sounds at all too simple, well…it is. Playing gigs and touring every night isn’t for the meek for but if you have a great show, you’ll be rewarded for it.

Know and find your audience

To who and where you promote your music is important. In each corner of the globe, there lies thriving music subcultures. Some are huge while others are small yet dedicated. One of the most significant aspects of your marketing campaign will be determining and locating your niche.

While it might sound obvious, if you perform in the metal genre, playing metal venues, joining metal communities, and winning over metal fans is key to your success. If you are attacking the rap market, find relevant venues, join relevant communities, and make a name for yourself in the relevant genre.

Genres don’t always define niches, however. If you believe that your music can win over the masses, start locally. Music fans generally like to see artists from their town or city become successful. Exploit this mindset and grow your local fanbase before casting your net wider.

Music videos

Don’t hold back when it comes to creating an original video. Think about the videos from the likes of Childish Gambino and OK Go that have discovered mass appeal. They were intriguing and unique, whether a quirky theme of underlying message.

You may have thought of creating live performance-based visuals or a standard music video. That’s fine but just ensure that you invest the right amount of creativity and work to give your video the edge that it needs to compete in today’s marketplace.